Gentle Touch is a family run business with more than ten years experience. In that time we have proved time after time that if a thing is worth doing it really is worth doing well. By that I mean taking time to prepare thoroughly and then always using quality materials. So, if itís paving you want then you can be sure that the slabs you choose will be laid properly on a decent base of hardcore. Or, if a fine new lawn is your dream, then premium quality turf will be laid on soil which has been rotovated and raked. And of course every tree or shrub we plant will have a proper sized hole with a generous amount of compost to help it along.  


We offer a complete service from conception through planning right up until the moment when the last piece of turf is laid. If your life is busy just tell us what you want and let us take the strain. Or if your life is more leisured your input will be valued at every stage. Whichever way you choose Gentle Touch will make sure that you end up with the garden which is ideal for you. At Gentle Touch that little bit extra comes as standard.